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 How does one prepare for death?  Although it is not a pleasant thought, it is one that needs to be addressed.  There are 3 basic things every person needs to take care of before they die.

1)  YOU need to have a valid & up-to-date will or trust.  Without one, your family may spend months or years in court trying to settle your estate.  This information needs to be in a place where the family can find it easily and should include a list of bank accounts and life insurance policies.

2) YOU need to write down your preferences concerning your funeral.  At one’s death, most family members cannot remember or do not know what type of funeral service you wish.  Bless them by writing down every detail of your service and making it available to your family members.

3) YOU need LIFE INSURANCE!  That is where we can help.  Life Insurance can benefit your family in the following ways:

   ♦ LIFE INSURANCE can pay off your debts, medical expenses, funeral expenses, taxes as well as paying off your mortgage thus releasing your family of a financial burden.

   ♦ LIFE INSURANCE can provide for your family’s future.  The death benefit can enable your children go to college, leave funds to help future expenses and provide for special needs your family may experience in your absence.  It is also important to realize that Life Insurance benefits are income tax free! 

A good rule of thumb is to provide 8 – 10 times your annual income in Life Insurance.  In some special instances you may need more.   We would be glad to help you determine how much Life Insurance your family will need and what type of Life Insurance is best for you.
Since no one knows when they are going to die, these 3 things need to be taken care of TODAY!  Our agency would be glad to guide you as you decide how to provide in case of your death.